Power Affirmations

power affirmationsPower affirmations are what I consider to be positive affirmations. Yet believe it or not negative affirmations have power as well and those are the kind that we need to stop in their tracks… so to speak.

I’m very sure that you have seen some form of affirmations all over the internet…  you have seen them on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also on many other social bookmarking websites. Affirmations come in many shapes and in many forms. Some of them good and some not so good.

The thing about affirmations is that they can be used as powerful tools to bring about change to anyone’s life when used correctly.

What are Affirmations?

So, what are affirmations? I’m glad that you asked… and to put it simply, affirmations are anything that you say or think be it negative or positive talk… positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

Affirmations make up a large part of the self-talk that all of us have running around in our minds at all times. We all use affirmations, yet we are not always conscious when doing so.

This is what sometimes allow our default, or negative thoughts to run our lives.

Here my friend is something to think about… And it is the regular or moment by moment thoughts and the messages that are part of your typical self-talk.

Ask yourself… Do I have kind, positive, and encouraging self-talk, or does my Inner Critic take control with harsh words of doubt and criticism?

I have discovered that our thoughts and the things that we say has a lot to do with the things that we attend to the most. However, some folks don’t wish to believe this truth…

But here is what I also have discovered and it is that just because you don’t believe something… that does not mean that it won’t have an effect on your life.

And How Do Affirmations Work In Our Lives?

A great majority of the thoughts that will resurface in our minds have been planted during our younger years in life.

Our younger years are the years that we are most impressionable and these are years that have a lot to do with how we view ourselves and the outlook that we will have in life.

If you were one that had people around you that encouraged and gave you support and cheered you on to always give it your best shot count it a blessing,

You should be grateful that you didn’t have folks around you that always told you that you were a lazy good for nothing bum that will never amount to anything.

Whichever of those messages that you received are still affecting your current mindset.

Whether you have a positive or a negative script running through your mind, those thoughts and beliefs shape your reality.

Negative thoughts feed self-doubt and discourage you from trying to reach your full potential. If you believe you’re no good at doing a particular thing no matter what it is… you’re not going to feel confident enough to give it your best shot.

You can reprogram your thinking and the negativity by…

Changing up Your Self-Talk

The good news is that you can change your self-talk by choosing to use powerful and positive affirmations to rewire your brain to have a positive mindset.

The power of positive affirmations goes a long way back and it didn’t originate with some guru that you may have seen on TV.

I’ll let you in on where the power of positive self-talk got it’s origin a little later… but for now, what you need to know is that you need to understand how important it is to retrain your thinking.

Listen I understand that we all want the easy way out of just about everything in life, but retraining your mind is not that easy. I mean let’s face it… for some of us, it took a lifetime to pick up the bad self-talk habits that we have acquired.

Nevertheless, the retraining of the mind and the positive self-talk process is pretty straightforward if you stick to some basic rules.

Power Affirmations

Good Things Come In Threes

I always say that good thing comes in threes. Therefore I am going to give you three basic rules to help you with controlling which thought to own and which thoughts to disregard at all costs.

1. Always use the present tense. Your brain reacts in the moment, so make that moment as positive as you can. This is not burying your head in the sand as if nothing bad or negative ever happens.

No, it’s about taking life as it comes and believing that you are an overcomer.

2.  The best and most powerful affirmations are the ones that we keep positive and simple especially if you are just starting out with this positivity thing.

So try something like this for instance… Saying something like ‘I am calm’ is much more effective than telling yourself, “I’m not going to get upset.’ Yes, keep it positive and keep it simple.

3. Use repetition. If you repeat your affirmations regularly and consistently, you will strengthen those neural pathways in the brain.

Your habitual patterns of thought and belief will become more positive. Try to repeat your chosen affirmations three times a day for at least five minutes.

I told you the best things come in threes. But here my friend is something else that you must take to heart aswell. And it is that you must…

Make A Choice to Change your Life

A good friend of mine said something that I think is a very profound statement… you know one of those statements that you wish you would have thought of your self.

He told me one day that the problems and bad habits that we have acquired comes from our own reckless behavior. Therefore if we have behaved our way into them… we must behave our way out of them.

You see my friend whether or not we choose to believe this or not you and I have the power to choose our life experiences.

Someone said long ago that we will get what we say.

So, it stands to reason that whatever you tell yourself affirms that you want to have more of it in your life. Life is about sowing and reaping.

So if you’re an angry or a resentful kind of person… guess what? You’re only setting yourself up for more of that in your life.

And the same rule applies if you’re confident and hopeful. Let me pause here for a moment though the only way you can be confident and hopeful is to fill your mind with confidence and hope.

At some point in our lives, we all will be visited with worry, anxiety, stress and the pressures of this life, but we don’t have to let this bunch take up residence in our minds.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I discovered that all throughout his word we are being taught to renew our thinking and to be mindful of the things that we are saying to ourselves and others.

So beloved if you expect things to go well, you will have to train yourself think and say positive things then that’s what you will get.

Listen, dear friend, you can choose to feel good and positive about your life. And the best way is to start is by using powerful and positive conscious affirmations.

This, my friend, is a fantastic and straightforward way to start making those positive life changes today.