6 Powerful Tips For Cultivating Positive Affirmations

This is especially true when it comes to keeping a great attitude and when it comes to achieving specific goals.

But I bet you didn’t know that there are several ways that you could make those positive affirmations even more powerful…

And not only that… You can also transform your entire life in the process.

Would you like to know what I am talking about? I thought so…

So, take for instance that you wish to lose a little weight and get yourself fit for life.

If your affirmation is something like this…”I am going to lose weight and hit the gym every day of the week, ” that probably makes you tired saying it.

There are stress and heaviness in the motivation of that affirmation that’s not very energetic or enjoyable.

It centers around the negative aspects of your goals and desires (which is the need to shed a few pounds and the duty of going to the gym on a daily basis).

It also makes your journey seem to be so far out into the future.

Below you will discover 6 powerful tips that you can use to turn your affirmations into highly motivational and supercharged self-talk to help transform your life.

1. Staying in the Present

It’s easy to let our minds drift into the past or get stuck dwelling on something that’s not positive.

Therefore you must always state your affirmations in the present tense.

Be sure to use “I am” statements as much as possible… Instead of “I will” affirming statements.

2. Keep Your Affirmations Positive

You should get into the practice of saying what you want and not what you don’t want or what you don’t have.

Practice envisioning the desired positive outcome that you wish to accomplish.

3. Short Affirmation Are Sometimes Best

Brief and targeted affirmations are a lot easier to remember.

So, be sure to whenever possible make your affirmations as short and focused as you can.

4. Your Affirmation Should Be Action Filled

What I mean by “action-filled” is that you make your affirmations upbeat and energetic.

You do this by using action verbs such as “I am” and “I will”. Active verbs help you to stay in the present moment.

5. Your Affirmations Should Also Include Positive Emotions

Are you feeling relaxed? Are you pleased with yourself? Are you feeling happy about something or someone?

What type of feeling do you think you would have after reaching your goal?

I’m sure you would feel amazing… So let your affirmations bring out those emotions when you say them out loud.

6 Powerful Tips For Cultivating Positive Affirmations

6. Mix It Up A Little

Take a look at your recent affirmations and see if they could work even better for you.

Take for instance the weight loss affirmation above, you can switch the words up and turn it into something even more motivational.

So instead of “I am going to lose weight and hit the gym every day of the week.”

Make it something that will speak to your emotions in a positive and affirming way.

You could say something like this…

“I am enjoying getting trimmer and stronger every day.”

“I am getting healthier and stronger by choosing a healthy lifestyle.”

“I am happily and easily assisting my body to get thinner and stronger every day.”

Do your best to keep your affirmation in the present tense and keep your mind and mouth fixed on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Toss your words around and make them fit your personality and what feels right for you.

Repetition is key to building good habits and accomplishing anything that is worthwhile.

Be sure sure to rehearse your affirmations at least 3 to 5 times a day and look forward to the life you want manifest before your eyes.

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