121 Positive Daily Affirmations

It is said that we get what we say…if this is true you are about to discover a brand new outlook on life.

You will begin to speak your way into better health…more wealth, better self eastern… And not to mention more peace and overall happiness.

What if you replaced words like “I should” or “I have to” with the words… “I choose to”?

You should try it with a task that you think you have to do, and replace the word ” must” with ” choose”… You will notice a difference in how you view the situation.

Changing the way that we think and speak does not come easy and it does not happen overnight. But don’t worry…

Below you will discover 121 powerful and positive daily affirmations that will enrich your life for years to come… So, without further ado let’s get started.

Affirmations Of Wealth

1. I am grateful for the money I have.

2. Being wealthy and having lots of money affords me the opportunity to make the world a better place.

3. I see unlimited opportunities for creating abundant wealth in my life.

4. I am filled with gratitude and joy, and I love that more money is flowing to me daily.

121 Positive Daily Affirmations


5. Money is flowing to me in avalanches of abundance from unexpected sources.

6. I am a money and wealth magnet.

7. Wealth pours into my life daily.

8. My bank account grows daily.

9. I have achieved financial security in my existence.

10. God is on my side and is guiding me toward wealth and abundance.

11. Money loves me.

12. I am grateful that my net worth increases substantially every year.

13. I am a money-making Idea machine.

14. Ideas for how to make money come to me often.

15. I feel good about money.

16. I am doing good things with the money that I have.

17. I can do good things with the money that I have.

18. I am releasing all my negative thoughts about money and allowing financial abundance to enter my life.

20. Opportunities to make more money come to me effortlessly.

121 Positive Daily Affirmations

21. I attract money with ease.

22. I now have more money and wealth than I ever thought possible.

23. I am wealthy and feel darn good about it.

24. I feel incredibly happy about having lots of money.

25. I have a great relationship with money and wealth.

26. I am wise with the money that I have.

27. I have the wisdom to make money work for me.

28. Every day I am attracting more and more money into my life.

29. I am a money magnet, and money will always be attracted to me.

121 Positive Daily Affirmations

30. I overcome all opposition to money.

31. Abundance is all around me, and I feel gracious about it.

32. Being wealthy is my natural state of being.

33. The Universe is helping me attract money into my life daily.

34. I am very prosperous.

35. I am grateful for prosperity and wealth.

36. I am great that money affords me the good things in life.

37. I am ready and willing to receive more money now.

38. I have always been destined to become wealthy.

39. I am grateful I get to live in prosperity.

40. I find lots of opportunities in my life to create prosperity and abundance.

41. I now live in abundance.

Positive Daily Affirmations of Peace

42I am at peace.

43. I am in peace.

44. I am at peace with my God.

45. I am at peace with my Creator.

I am at peace with my Creator.

46. I have peace in my job.

47. I have peace with the folks I work with.

48. I have peace with my employer.

49. I have peace on my job because of Indo my job with integrity.

50. I am at peace with my family members.

51. I am a peacemaker, therefore I will inherit abundant treasures in the earth.

52. I have peace with the people that I meet daily.

53. I have peace instead of worry.

54. I have peace when I driving in traffic.

55. I have peace when I travel.

Positive Daily Affirmations of Peace

56. I am at peace when everything seems chaotic.

57. I have the peace that passes all understanding.

57. I.make peace because I am a peacemaker.

58. I have peace with all of my.family and friends.

59. People like me because I promote peace where ever I go.

60. I always seek peace and prosperity.

61. I pursue peace and find it.

62. I overcome anxiety with peace.

63. I am at peace with the Universe.

64. I am at peace because I trust God to make all things work for the good.

Powerful Affirmations of Health

Just as our bodies and can be strengthened… We can also strengthen our minds.

We make our minds stronger by feeding them with good books and developing our skills and other talents that we possess.

When we seek out experiences that give us chances to improve our minds and grow we allow ourselves to improve our overall health.

Below you will find some powerful affirmations for improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

65. I am full of energy and vigor.

66. I am full of life and energy.

67. I choose to be full of joy and gratitude.

121 Positive Daily Affirmations

68. I eat healthy food to fuel my body.

69. My body is a temple

70. I am more than I seem to be, and within in me is the power of the Holy Spirit.

71. I am blessed and I have control over how I feel.

72. My healthy body is created by my healthy thoughts.

73. Being healthy is better than any other taste in the world.

74. My daily habits are helping me to become healthier and happier.

75. I choose to eat healthy because the food that I eat is construction material for my body.

78. I eat the nutritional food that gives me energy.

79. I can eat for enjoyment and social reason because I do it responsibly.

80. I stay within the healthy eating habits that I set in advance.

81. I get plenty of restful sleep.

Powerful Affirmations of Health

82. I get plenty of energizing sleep.

83. I am making healthy choices and respect the body that I have been given.

84. The water that I drink cleanses my body and gives me the clarity of mind that I need to succeed.

85. I feel a deep sense of well being.

86. I love how it feels to be healthy and vibrant.

87. My body heals easily.

88. My body heals quickly.

89. I invest in the health of my mind and body.

90. My heart is healthy and strong.

121 Positive Daily Affirmations- be happy
121 Positive Daily Affirmations- Be Happy

Positive Powerful Affirmations of Happiness

It may be safe to say that if you were to ask 5 people what they want most out of life?

3 out of the 5 may say that they just wish to be happy.

But did you know that our happiness in life has a lot to with how we think and how we speak?

91. I deserve to be happy.

92. Every day and in every way I experiencing more and more joy and happiness in my life.

93. By being happy I can help others to be happy also.

94. Happy feelings follow me everywhere I go.

95. I spread happiness to others and absorb happiness from others in return.

96. I am truly grateful for the happy feelings that follow me everywhere I go.

Positive Daily Affirmations of Peace

97. I am so happy and grateful for my life.

98. I am happy that my outlook on life is incredibly positive.

99. Being happy is easy for me.

100. My future is bright and I am abundantly happy about it.

101. I constantly think of uplifting and happy thoughts.

True Affirmations of Self-Esteem

Life can be overwhelming, regardless of who you are, what you do, or whatever your circumstance may be.

This is why it is so important to have positive reinforcement lock and loaded… So to speak.

The reinforcement that you need oftentimes needs to be in the form of positive affirmations that can boost your self-esteem and get you back on the right track.

102. Life is fun and very rewarding.

103. I am unique.

104. I am wonderful.

105. I feel good about being alive and being me.

106. I choose to be happy right now. I love my life.

107. I am thankful for all I have. I live in joy.

108. I am positive.

109. I am optimistic about my life.

110. I am willing to act in spite of fear. I am courageous.

111. I am a professional and powerful creator.

112. I have an extraordinary ability to get the job done.

121 Positive Daily Affirmations
True Affirmations of Self-Esteem

113. I have problem-solving skills.

114. I am ok as I am.

115. I accept and love myself.

116. I am confident in my ability.

117. I believe things will always work out for the best.

118. I am outrageously enthusiastic and I inspire others.

119. I am calm and peaceful.

120. I am very passionate.

121. I am focused and persistent. I will never quit.

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